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Why You Need To Grab Your Own Share From A $325Billion Industry

Today, I will draw your attention to one industry that is projected to be worth over $325 Billion by 2025. In addition, I shall show you how you can earn some share of the revenue from this industry.

The online education (more popularly referred to as e-Learning) is that industry. Firstly, a market research firm suggested that the industry will grow to a $107 billion industry in 2015 and it did. Secondly, it has been suggested that this industry will grow to $325 billion in 2025. From every indication, this feat is well on its way to been achieved.

The question for us as Affiliate Marketers, in particular, is what is the importance of this information to us? Before I provide answers, let me provide us some additional statistics:

  • Udemy, one of the leading e-learning platform, has about 40 million students, 500,000 instructors. A top Java instructor on Udemy earns about $44,000 a month.
  • Coursera, another e-learning platform, has over 40 million students and 190 university partners. In 2017 alone, one of its courses, iMBA is estimated to have earned the platform about $20 million

However, the challenges of becoming an instructor and consistently creating relevant content are quite enormous.

Furthermore, there are monthly rentals paid to the e-Learning platforms which can be quite expensive if you are not making commiserate income.

The Solution Is Here

In summary, what if you can set up your own e-learning website without forthwith worrying about:

  • Any technical stuff
  • Customer Service
  • Creating and hosting a website
  • Creating e-learning product
  • How to generate traffic To e-learning website
  • Paying monthly rental

This is introducing a brand-new software that will position you to earn a share from the $325 billion (by 2025) industry. The beauty of it is, it is on complete autopilot.

Furthermore, it is cloud-based software and very easy to use.

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